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1. Valid identification is mandatory when renting equipment. This also applies to pre-booked and paid for equipment.

2. In order to be able to rent equipment from Beitostølen Sportsutleie AS, the tenant/guest must be over 18 or have a guardian who has turned 18 with them.

3. All payments are made in advance.  In case of cancellation 48 hours before the rental time, the tenant will be refunded 100% of the rental amount. In case of cancellation 24 hours before the rental time, the tenant will be refunded 50% of the rental amount. Under 24 hours, no refund.

4. Alpine skiing can be easily confused. Remember what the skis look like (take care of the receipt where barcodes are noted) and where you place the skis! It is not permitted to hand over, hire out or sell rented equipment.

5. Equipment must only be used on marked and prepared trails. This does not apply to cross-country skiing. Damage to the equipment during other use must be replaced.

6. The lessor is not responsible for theft of the equipment. During the rental period, the lessee is responsible for storing the equipment in a safe place. In the event of theft, the tenant must replace the equipment.

7. The lessor is not responsible for personal injuries caused to the lessee, goods or third parties during the rental period.

8. Money will not be refunded for interrupted rent unless a written doctor's report is available.

9. The equipment must be returned during opening hours to the lessor when the rental period is over.

10. It is the lessee's responsibility to approve the equipment before use.

11. The hirer is aware that the binding on alpine skis is of the release type. This reduces the risk of injury, but is no guarantee of safety. There are no detachable bindings on snowboards.

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